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Five Lovers — for soprano and piano (priced for 2 copies)

Clássico/Canção • 2004 • Lírico: Jāma Jandrokovic

Five Lovers — for soprano and piano (priced for 2 copies)

20.00 USD

vendedor Lori Laitman
PDF, 6.16 Mb ID: SM-000506104 data do carregamento: 28 mai 2020
Piano, Soprano
Composição para
Solo, Piano de Acompanhamento
Tipo de composição
Partitura piano-vocal
Five Lovers sets five autobiographical poems by Jāma Jandroković. The poems follow her journey as a newly divorced woman in New York City. The wistful On Meeting Again contrasts with the lilting, sexy appeal of Lovely in His Bones, which leads to the forward-driving, wishful thinking of This Morning. The absurdly repetitive piano accompaniment in Second Date — representative of two lovers at a table, trying to reach out to each other but never quite connecting, captures the awkwardness of the situation as well as the boredom. July, 95 Degrees uses a sustained pedal and dueling rhythms in the accompaniment to create a blurred sound, which suggests not only water, but the haziness associated with a hot July day.

The complete recording can be found on my Naxos CD entitled "Living in the Body" — with soprano Alisa Jordheim and pianist Andrew Rosenblum.
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