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Night Into Dawn for string ensemble (

Clássico/Sinfonia musical • 2019

Night Into Dawn for string ensemble (

Título por Autor: Gregory Sullivan Isaacs: Night Into Dawn for string ensemble (, score only

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vendedor Musik Fabrik
PDF, 774.6 Kb ID: SM-000506293 data do carregamento: 29 mai 2020
Violino, Viola, Violoncelo
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Orquestra de Cordas
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Musik Fabrik
The concept for this piece is to restore the voice of millions silenced by the horrific experience we now call the Holocaust, through the sounds of musical instruments that survived. One thing is clear: the genocide of the Jews was an appalling blow to the human race; one that left a permanent stain on both the perpetrators and enablers, those who stood by without uttering a word of protest. A terrible Night descended upon the world, yet, the breaking Dawn that followed was glorious, indeed. The price to save civilization in the 20th century was appallingly high. Although we must remain ever vigilant, the Jewish people today have a proud homeland—and their magnificent contributions to humanity are universally celebrated.The piece opens with the descent of the seemingly benign curtain of night. Premonitions arise but the darkness continues to descend, over and over again. Finally, chaos ensues and runs its ghastly course before dissipating. The inevitable dawn begins to break, although the curtain of night continues to threaten. Dawn is characterized by two contrasting melodies. One, a stalwart tune that marches ever forward, while the second, more questioning tune appears independently. After their separate statements, the two powerfully join forces to bring this work to a hopeful close, followed by a quiet “Amen.” This item is the score only. The parts are available on rental from the publisher.
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