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Nine New York City Miniatures

Clássico/Instrumental • 2020

Nine New York City Miniatures

12.00 USD

vendedor Gary Nash
PDF, 928.9 Kb ID: SM-000510517 data do carregamento: 21 jul 2020
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Gary Nash
Nine New York City Miniatures (2020) oboe solo began with Movement 7, A Million Numbered Streets. A Million Numbered Streets was originally conceived for a Vox Novus Composers Voice 15 Minutes of Fame call for scores for a one minute oboe solo piece, specifically themed from New York City, New York. In preparation, Nash discovered nearly 1,000 songs dedicated to NYC. Many of those were titled after numbered streets, hence Nash’s title A Million Numbered Streets. Nash’s creation employs a medium-fast highly syncopated song-like melody, alluding to a restless and busy NYC street.

In an attempt to make A Million Numbered Streets more marketable, Nash decided to compose 8 additional miniatures around it. The 8 complementary miniatures are all approximately 1 minute in length and alternating fast tempo and slow tempo movements. There are no direct quotes from other songs; however, 3 of the movements are derived from and inspired by New York City related songs. Movement #4, Downtown Music was inspired by the song Downtown by Tony Hatch (made popular by Petula Clark’s vocals). Movement #8, Success is based on the song New York, New York by John Kander (best known for Frank Sinatra singing it). The title Success was inspired by the phrase “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.” Movement #9, Uptown Music is derived from the song Uptown Girl by Billy Joel.

In addition, the title Spreading the News for movement 1, as well as that for movement 6, Vagabond Shoes are also phrases from the song New York, New York.
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