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Sea Psalm

Clássico/Música de coral • 2005 • Lírico: old sacred text

Sea Psalm

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vendedor Stephen Smith
PDF, 2.32 Mb ID: SM-000523385 data do carregamento: 24 abr 2021
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Stephen Smith
Commissioned by the Vancouver Chamber Choir in 2005 for a concert featuring the just-rebuilt four-manual Casavant organ of Ryerson United Church (now Pacific Spirit United Church), this composition uses both the softest and loudest stops on the instrument, and showcases some of its most colourful sonorities in between, as the choir sings text in Latin from the Psalms describing the majesty and power of the sea.

The accompanying audio file is from a live performance of the work in 2016 -- also at Ryerson church, with the composer at the organ, and the combined voices of the Vancouver Men's Chorus and Elektra Women's Choir under the direction of Willi Zwozdesky.
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comments Stephen Smith 26 abr 2021 02:53

It is hoped that the price of $2.50 per download does not discourage ensembles wishing to perform this piece from purchasing sufficient copies for all of their singers! (For a 22-page score, $2.50 is really quite a bargain!)

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