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Quem Pastores Laudavere - Christmas Hymn

Religioso/Cristão • 2020 • Lírico: old sacred text • Titulo arternativo: Shepherds tell your beauteous story

Quem Pastores Laudavere - Christmas Hymn

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vendedor Joan Yakkey
PDF, 233.3 Kb ID: SM-000529380 data do carregamento: 25 out 2021
Piano, Órgão, Teclado, Coro feminino: Soprano, Contratenor/Alto; Coro infantil: Soprano, Contratenor/Alto
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Piano de Acompanhamento, Coral
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Partitura piano-vocal
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Joan Yakkey
Joan Yakkey
Latin Renaissance German Hymn for Christmas or Christmas Eve. Through the centuries one finds a few different Latin, German and English texts set to this 16th century melody. The present version is adapted for 4 equal voices, SSAA (or SSMA). It can also be sung by male chorus. Verses 1,2 & 4 represent the original text. The score contains an optional keyboard line for rehearsal accompaniment or even for performance.

1. Quem pastores laudavere, quibus angeli dixere, absit vobis jam timere, natus est rex gloriæ.
2. Ad quem reges ambulabant, aurum, thus, myrrham portabant, Hæc sincere immolabant Leoni victoriae.
4. Christo regi, Deo nato, per Mariam nobis dato, vero corde resonato Dulci cum melodia.

1.To whom the shepherds praised and towards the angels said Far be it from you now to be afraid, born is the King of glory.
2. To whom the kings walked and carried gold, frankincense, and myrrh they sacrificed these things sincerely The lion's victory.
4. Christ king, born of God given to us by Mary who's heart resonates Sweetly with melody
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