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Fantasy for Bass Clarinet

Clássico/Contemporâneo • 2008

Fantasy for Bass Clarinet

1.00 USD

PDF, 222.4 Kb ID: SM-000064505 data do carregamento: 15 abr 2011
Clarinete baixo
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Tipo de composição
For a single performer
NYS Publishing
Very difficult
This fantasy roams through various modes that feature the augmented second. Some of these are traditional klezmer (eastern European Jewish music) modes, others are synthetic modes. The piece begins rooted in a mode centered around G, and a G and D drone accompanies the entire piece. However, as the clarinet roams around, it drifts farther away from G, until it is quite at odds with the drone. When it reaches a point of furthest remove, it decides that there is no place like home, and gradually returns to G. This concludes the mostly unmetered first part. The second part of the piece is a reinterpretation of the first part in a rhythmic manner.
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comments Lan Jiang 31 mar 2013 21:33

I like the mood of this music - so enigmatic and unpredictable. It plunges the listener to mysterious eastern atmosphere.

comments Naftali Schindler 30 mar 2013 20:46

feel free to contact me for help and tips.

comments Hector Romero 30 mar 2013 18:33

Very interesting piece. As for now I don't have enough skills to perform it, but this is what I would like to learn.

0:00 Fantasy for Bass Clarinet