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Clássico/Contemporâneo • 2007


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vendedor Amy Scurria
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Amy Scurria
The work is in six movements and begins with the primary motive that is embedded in every movement. Each of the six movements takes the listener on a journey through various sound worlds.

Movement 1, arguably the most strict of the 6 movements, introduces the primary motive and then presents the material in a fugal manner.

Movement 2 is much more free and takes the listener through a stride piano sound world.

Movement 3 is an exercise in creating an ambiguous rhythmic flow. Hints of the motive are embedded linearly within the arpeggiated chord structures. Each voice level has its own melody, but the overall arpeggiations create a feeling of harmonic freedom.

Movement 4 is a slow, chorale-like, introspective treatment of the motive.

Movement 5 is a journey through minimalism and a precursor to the thicker texture of the final movement.

Movement 6, the final movement, revisits all of the sound worlds, combining them all.
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