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The Traders

Clássico/Música de Câmara • 2004

The Traders

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vendedor Gary Edwards
PDF, 308.0 Kb ID: SM-000070349 data do carregamento: 07 jun 2011
Violino, Viola, Violoncelo, Contrabaixo
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Orquestra de Cordas
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Gary Edwards
The Traders - Among the first European descendants to come to North Idaho were the trappers and Traders who followed closely in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark. Attracted by the prospect of lucrative trade in beaver pelts and other economic attractions this section depicts the hardships encountered by these hardy pioneers in the Winter Hike Over The Mountains movement, conveyed musically by sixteenth notes representing the blowing wind and snow, followed by the slow trudge as the snow piles deeper, represented in the adagio movement of Deep Snow. This is followed by a depiction of the annual celebration at gatherings in the Spring Potlatch where traders, trappers and natives met, exchanged goods, danced and engaged in games and races of all kinds and celebrated together the final end of the relenting winter. Arranged for brass quintet, string orchestra, string quintet and full orchestra versions.
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