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The Settlers

Clássico/Música de Câmara • 2004

The Settlers

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vendedor Gary Edwards
PDF, 288.3 Kb ID: SM-000070400 data do carregamento: 07 jun 2011
Violino, Viola, Violoncelo, Contrabaixo
Composição para
Orquestra de Cordas
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Dó (C) maior
6 para 6 de 9
Gary Edwards
Most of the pioneers who came in the next wave were pioneer farmers. This piece starts with the loping rhythmic trudge of covered wagons represented by the slogan Eastward Ho because a large part of the settlers in North Idaho came from the Western coast including the Portland and Seattle areas. Pioneer life, once the settlers settled down is represented by a lively section called The Barn Dance, a fall ritual where residents for miles around would come to a grange hall, local musicians including the composer’s grandfather would play their fiddles and basses and, while the babies slept in cribs warmed by hay and the old-timers watched from rough-hewn wooden benches, the younger couples and kids would engage in exhausting rounds of square dances, Schottisches, polkas, Virginia Reels and similar folk dances, some of which are depicted in this movement, dancing all night until parting at dawn to go home to chores including milking cows and collecting eggs. Arranged for brass quintet, string orchestra, string quintet and full orchestra versions.
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