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DDelicatement Delicieux Calme - Performance Bundle, Op.133

Clássico/Sinfonia musical • 2011 • Titulo arternativo: Delicate Delicious Quiet

Delicatement Delicieux Calme - Performance Bundle

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Flauta, Clarinete, Fagote, Oboé, Corne Inglês, Trombone, Trombeta, Tuba, Violino, Viola, Violoncelo, Contrabaixo, Harpa, Címbalos, Bongô, Contrafagote
Composição para
Orquestra Sinfônica
Tipo de composição
Partitura completa, Partes
Richard L. Matthis
Opus 133
Délicatement Délicieux Calme

Delicately Delicious Quiet

Approx. Time: 20 minutes, 25 seconds

This Principal Symphonic work is the quietest piece we've composed to date. The solo passage in the work has configured the “piano” as the loudest sound. The work would provide an interesting addition to an orchestra's performance programme repertoire.

Full Score 18 x 24 [28 pages]
Instrumental Parts 11 x 17
Performance Bundle contains full score and one copy of each instrumental part

U.S. Copyright Registration: PENDING
Larencio's Music 2012A SRU1205785
ASCAP Title No.: 883410823

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3, 3 + eng horn 3, 3, 3 + contra 2 - 6, 6, 6, 3 - harp, timbales, med tom, bongo, bata itotele, cymbal - 24/16/12/6

Flute 1-3
Oboe 1-3
English Horn 1-3
Clarinet in Bb 1-3
Bassoon 1-3
Contra bassoon 1-2
Horn in F 1-3
Trumpet in Bb 1-3
Trombone 1-3
Tuba 1-3
Concert Harp
Low Timbales Open
Medium Tom
Bata Itotele Slap
Low Bongo
Violin 1-6
Viola 1-6
Cello 1-6
Contrabass 1-6
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