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Jazz guitar lesson: Improvisation with triads concept

Jazz • Titulo arternativo: Improvisation with triads concept

Jazz guitar lesson: Improvisation with triads concept

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PDF, 233.8 Kb ID: SM-000079218 data do carregamento: 29 set 2011
Guitarra Acústica, Guitarra clássica
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OLC Barcelona Sheet Music
Workshop written by Simone Gubbioti, well known italian jazz guitarist. Great way to learn improvisation using triads, even for non-guitar players! Also works with pianists!

"Working with triads represents a strategic way to create modern and melodic lines much more fresh if compared
to the extensive use of the scales.Each triad (or slash chord) expresses already a tonality and using two or more
triads (superimposition) generates a bitonal or polytonal sound,especially if played over a tonic not present in the
triads themselves."
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comments Uma 21 out 2011 21:45

Great Simone! :) <3

comments Josh 01 out 2011 19:13

I bought it two days ago and it's being very helpful for improving with my guitar! Thanks!