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Sleeping Beauty (Princess Aleia): the musical

Film / TV / Show/Musical • Lírico: Stephen DeCesare

Complete musical (with accompaniment tracks)

Título por Autor: Princess Aleia (Sleeping Beauty): the musical (with accompaniment tracks)

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vendedor Stephen DeCesare
ZIP, 56.82 Mb ID: SM-000080146 data do carregamento: 19 out 2011
Piano, Flauta, Trombeta, Guitarra elétrica, Voz
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Solista, Piano de Acompanhamento, Coral
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MTA Publishing
A modern-day musical parody of Sleeping Beauty of a pop singer (known as Princess Aleia) who rules the kingdom of Tunesville with her parents, the King and Queen of Rock and Roll. She is cursed by the evil Queen Hepzibah by pricking her finger on the needle of a record player and can only be saved by the kiss of Duh Prince.

Libretto, Score, Rehearsal and Performance tracks are included with this purchase.
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