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Symphony No.1, Op.2

Clássico/Sinfonia musical • 2011 • Titulo arternativo: The Last Ride of a Salem Witch

sinfonia No 1

Título por Autor: Symphony No.1, Op.2

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vendedor Andrew Wood
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Andrew Wood
This symphony tells the story of the last ride of a salem witch.

We start out on a cold autumn night (mvt. 1) we set the scene as a bright orange harvest moon hangs over the sleepy town of Salem, the only commotion in this town (for now) is a cat chasing a rat.

We then descend in the Witch's Lair (mvt. 2) a strange basement ful of bubbling potions and shrunken heads and all manner of spooky things. not to mention, the witch herself in all her sinewy glory

Angered that one of the ingredients for her latest concoction is missing our witch decides to take flight (mvt. 3) and terrifies the townsfolk beneath her.

Terrified, the townsfolk try to get help, and it arrives in the form of a sherrif who manages to shoot down the witch (mvt. 4) the witch falls to her demise. there is a moment of remorse in the townsfolk who are generally nice people, then suddenly the which explodes in a loud flash of green.

if you would like to hear a sample of this symphony, please visit
for a sibelius rendition of movement one. and:
for a sibelius rendition of Mvt. 2.

if you wish to perform this work, once purchased, please contact me by e-mail at and i will send you the scores and parts for each movement.

Enjoy :)
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