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My beloved is mine for alto and guitar

Clássico/Canção • 1980 • Lírico: old sacred text • Titulo arternativo: The voice of my beloved

My beloved is mine for alto and guitar

Título por Autor: My beloved is mine – alto and guitar

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vendedor David W Solomons
PDF, 201.3 Kb ID: SM-000085693 data do carregamento: 10 jan 2012
Guitarra Acústica, Contra Alto, Contra Tenor, Guitarra clássica
Tipo de composição
Score for two performers
David W Solomons
Song based on a verse from the Song of Solomon (Song of Songs), written for and performed at the Gay Pride Service at St Botolph's Aldgate in 1980. The piece has a simple chorus with guitar chords (or arpeggiato as written out in the score) and decorated unaccompanied verse sections. The style harks back to my evangelical days in the 1970s.
The chorus can be sung by the soloist, as in this performance, or by a group of singers.
The sound sample is my own performance.
This song was used later for a larger work called "Upon my bed by Night" for choir, alto and baritone soloists and guitar, which is also available on this site.
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