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Fanfare - Concert Etude for Violoncello and Piano, Op.32

Clássico/Etude • 2012

Fanfare - Concert Etude for Violoncello and Piano

Título por Autor: Fanfare - Concert Etude for Violoncello & Piano, Op.32

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vendedor Bruno Vlahek
PDF, 678.6 Kb ID: SM-000086265 data do carregamento: 23 jan 2012
Piano, Violoncelo
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Score for two performers, Parte de solo
Bruno Vlahek
„Fanfare“ – Concert Etude for violoncello & piano was written in January 2012 and though originally scored for double bass and piano, it was completed as a cello work. The work is characterized by bipolar idea - the title is manifested in piano part's declamatory and melismatically ornamented theme while the cello part brings the subtitled etude character through ostinato-like obsessive arpeggios. Those arpeggios start at a limited range at the beginning, then are being broken by short flashes of thematic material as well as with a large pizzicato section, while at the last part of the work their range develops intensely to its limits and explores the instrument's different registers. Cello and piano part stay throughout the work seemingly separeted of each other, yet contribute together in building of a strong growing impulse.
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