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You'll Be Sorry

Film / TV / Show/Musical • 1997 • Lírico: Gary Edwards • Titulo arternativo: Karaoke Nights Musical Revue

You'll Be Sorry

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vendedor Gary Edwards
PDF, 156.7 Kb ID: SM-000086298 data do carregamento: 23 jan 2012
Coro feminino: Soprano
Composição para
Vocalista Líder
Tipo de composição
Partitura vocal
Dó (C) maior
8 para 8 de 21
Gary Edwards
You'll Be Sorry is one of the 21 songs in the Musical Revue Karaoke Nights.

Karaoke Nights treatment one page

Karaoke Nights is a fun-filled movie comedy set in a karaoke bar in North Idaho. This is the story of Larry, an older man, who is frustrated by the lack of attention from his long-term wife, and goes out to karaoke nights where he flirts with beautiful, young Colleen, while meeting other dysfunctional singers who seek fame, love or just plain fun. But watch out, flirting can be hazardous to your funny bone!

Larry goes to the Karaoke Klub where he meets and flirts with Colleen, young and pretty. Colleen is engaged to an accountant but is in love with Sandy who ignores her flirtations. Colleen’s friend, Tosh confronts Larry, who he sees as a dirty old man who wants to just exploit Colleen.

Timasa sings Karaoke and has a beautiful voice but is too shy to try to become a star. Timasa rejects Larry’s proposition to record his songs. Larry continues to flirt with Colleen and becomes more infatuated. Colleen flirts with Sandy a construction worker and a frustrated aspiring country singer trying to use Larry to make Sandy jealous and pay attention to her. Sandy doesn’t respond.

Larry befriends Jose, a mean looking Mexican-American aspiring actor who sings bi-lingual Spanish songs excellently. He has a heart of gold and helps Larry.

The DJ has given up wanting to be a star. He lives in a small town in Northern Idaho and makes jokes between songs. He has found his niche.

Lottie is a hairdresser with a great voice, but just likes to drink and have fun. She thinks Larry is a wolf and rejects his sincere proposition to record original songs.

Dick Hopper is a tattooed Hip-hopper who can’t sing but can really dance funky.

Tracy, the barmaid, is wise and knows everything that’s going on with every body.

Larry’s wife stays at home because she’s embarrassed by her husband’s karaoke antics. She’s very shy until she gets angry.

Colleen makes her moves on Sandy but is rejected. Tosh’s girlfriend Janet confronts Tosh over his excessive concern about Colleen. Tosh decides he is in love with Colleen.

There is a karaoke contest, which is won by Timasa. Tosh tries to start a fight with Larry. Larry’s wife turns into a tigress guarding her man. Larry admits he just flirts to make his wife jealous so she’ll put out more and has no intentions of being unfaithful. Tosh marries Colleen. Timasa puts out an album with Larry’s record company and becomes a star, which makes Lottie angry. Jose distracts Lottie’s anger and everyone ends up happy.
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