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Elspeth's Dream

Clássico/Contemporâneo • 2002

Elspeth's Dream

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vendedor Mel Stallwood
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Mel Stallwood
In Celtic times, the confluences of rivers and streams were mysterious places, believed to be the haunts of spirits, both malevolent and benevolent. One famous legend concerns the last of the Lords of Romaldkirk whose castle once looked down from high on the magical meeting of the Tees and the Balder. The castle no longer remains, but you can see the last of its foundations on the steep hill which overlooks the local lord went hunting and on his way met Elspeth, an old woman who warned him against going out that day. However, the proud lord ignored the advice offered and headed out with his hounds and horse to the wood. At twilight he became separated from the rest of his party, and entering a woodland glade saw a vision in the moonlight: a pure white hart" The rest of the story is best told by this anonymous poem...

“But night had fallen, and near by Yawn'd
a chasm dark and dread…
“Twas the top of Percymere
The deer so swiftly sped;

The young lord followed recklessly
Forgetting danger near;
His every thought was fixed upon
The slaying of the deer.

But now the dogs stopped suddenly,
A flash as though of fire,
Revealed unto the luckless youth
The brink of Percymere.

And far below, in that dark dell
Crept the river on its way,
Like some huge serpent coiling round
quivering, ghastly prey.

He checked his steed – but 'twas too late –
The tired beast reel'd and fell,
Roll'd on its rider, and both together
Were plunged into that awful dell.

And then, amid the dark, dim night,
Arose a fearful scream,
And horse and rider mangled lay:
Fulfilled was Elspeth's dream.

England’s Last Wilderness by David Bellamy and Brendan Quayle
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