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Para Nadie

Clássico/Peça • 2010

Para Nadie

ler a lisença

autor Jay Sims
PDF, 279.8 Kb ID: SM-000086749 data do carregamento: 02 fev 2012
Guitarra clássica
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For a single performer
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Jay Sims
Jay Sims
Literally Translated; "For No-one" The title is two-fold; The music world is full of pretention. It's not a new phenomena; the greatest composers wrote whatever they had to write to sell music and survive, but with that approach to music, where it becomes a consumer product, there must be some dignity in the writing or it's simply fast food with no lasting value. Our modern world is weighted heavily with music that lacks any real dignity or substance. As an answer to that issue, I drafted this simple, short piece with the attitiude that I wrote it for my own enjoyment and nothing more, not trying to mimmick anyone, be it the radio world or the classical model. (Of course I hope you too enjoy it, for what it is)
The second half of the title's equation is cathartic for me personally; based on my own past and internal struggles. It's a spit in the face to many people from my past; a journey into solitude, wishing to truly be left alone. I hope that came across in the melody. The recording is a version of the sheet score...I rarely play the same thing twice, though I did adhere to the structure of the written score, which is designed for fingerstyle play.

All said, may it reach your ears and your heart with welcomed tones!

Nylon String Guitar
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