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I Love You (Faith Evans)


Para vocais e piano (ou Guitarra)

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Piano, Voz, Guitarra clássica
“I Love You” is a popular song by the American R&B/soul artist Faith Evans. The song’s authorship is credited to Jennifer Lopez and her team of songwriters, as originally the song was intended for her 2001 album. Somehow, it did not work for J.Lo so the song was recorded by Evans in 2001 bringing her big commercial success and putting her back on the fame wave since the 1999 “Never Gonna Let You Go” hit. Technically, “I Love You” is a 4:27 minute long R&B/soul ballad sampling the 1976 song “Make a Little Love to Me” by Hayes. The song is obviously about confessing the protagonist’s love, which however has not met the mutual response yet from the man she loves. The song was released both as part of Evans’ album “Faithfully” as well as a single in 2002.
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comments gale 22 jul 2014 12:11

even looking at the music score I got faith's lovely voice singing in my head )) nice song