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Where the Dog Sits on the Tuckerbox (Five Miles from Gundagai)


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“Where The Dog Sits On The Tuckerbox (Five Miles From Gundagai)” is a song by the Australian musician Jack O'Hagan. It was published in 1937 and was dedicated to a historical monument erected near a small Australian town Gundagai in 1926. The monument depicts a loyal dog that, according to the legend, guarded a man’s lunch box (‘tuckerbox’ in Australian slang) until death. The legend inspired an unknown poet for writing a poem printed in 1857, which later turned into a modern version by Jack Moses. It is upon Moses’ poem that Jack O’Hagan’s song was composed.
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comments CC Thornleu 16 янв 2019 05:20

This is NOT 5 miles from Gundagai and is NOT written by Jack O'Hagan. This is "9 Miles from Gundagai," a traditional Australian song. |Jack O'Hagan wrote "Where the Dog Sits On The Tuckerbox 5 Miles from Gundagai," which is a foxtrot, NOT this song. Can you please put the correct sheet music up?

comments Scotty Rood 06 янв 2016 08:59

I love playing songs with a story!

comments Lukas Strauch 17 июл 2014 11:30

Ich interessiere mich sehr für Australien und dieser australische Country-Song habe ich kürzlich gehört. Er hat eigentlich eine sehr interessante Geschichte und ist ganz catchy. Diese Version ist etwas leichter, perfekt für mich.


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