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Come Outside (Mike Sarne)


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"Come Outside" was written by composer Charles Blackwell for Mike Sarne, a UK actor (and briefly a pop singer) of Czechoslovakian origin. The song was released in 1962 and soon topped UK charts for consecutive 19 weeks, it even knocked off Elvis and occupied the No.1 position for 2 weeks in the UK Singles Chart. "Come Outside" is marked as a duet: it features vocal interjections by the young Wendy Richard. The song’s cover recorded in 1991 by Samantha Fox, Frank Bruno, Liz Kershaw and Bruno Brookes became the official single of the year for BBC charity “Children In Need”.
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comments Andy Hermano 12 фев 2015 09:24

Awww what a lucky find we have here! So beautifully British :) Thank you for publishing the score!

comments Peronia G. 19 июн 2014 15:30

This song is so "English")) in the best of senses) reminds me of old good England. Funny, kind and light - makes me wanna jump up and start the boogie-woogie dancing )) well, if I could of course ))


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