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Don't Call This Love (Leon Jackson)


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“Don't Call This Love” is a Pop-Jazzy song performed by the Scottish The X Factor star-singer Leon Jackson. It was written in collaboration of Bryn Christopher, Carl Falk and Chris Braide and officially released in 2008. The song is part of Jackson’s debut music album titled “Right Now”. The song was especially popular in the singer’s homeland Scotland, as well as in the neighbor UK. In Europe, it became the 10th most popular composition in 2008. It was his second most successful song after 2007’s “When You Believe” on the basis of Houston-Carey song. “Don't Call This Love” is a soft, smooth and pleasant love ballad that was warmly met both by the public and the strict critics. In the same year, the song was covered by the Swiss singer Stefanie Heinzmann and released as part of her “Masterplan” album. Other well-known singles by Leon Jackson include “Creative” and “Stargazing”.
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comments Karin 06 апр 2015 13:57

Die Stimme von Leon Jackson ist etwas Unglaubliches. Eine sehr schöne und emotionale Komposition, sein bester Song!

comments maggie 05 авг 2014 14:53

one of those song you can listen to/play in one breath.