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Holy Spirit, You Are Welcome Here

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“Holy Spirit, You Are Welcome Here” is a Gospel song by the American award-winning Christian songwriter, singer and teacher Babbie Mason. It was released in 2009 as part of the same-named album. Being a daughter of a pastor herself, Babbie has been an active member of the Christian community working as church pianist and director of the church choir for decades. She won a number of honorable music awards including two Dove Awards and a lot of Dove and Grammy nominations. In 2010, she was introduced into The Christian Music Hall of Fame for her contributions into Gospel music. “Holy Spirit, You Are Welcome Here” is among the most often performed compositions by Babbie Mason. Her other popular singles include "The Only Hope", "God Has Another Plan", "For the Cause of Christ", "Love Is the More Excellent Way", "This Heart of Mine" and others. Check our catalogue for new arrivals of sheet music to Babbie Mason’s compositions.
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comments Julie Herbert 17 янв 2018 13:03

Babbie's music is so deep and sincere, I started playing her Gospel works only two years ago and it's been a very enjoyable experience ever since. The Only Hope, For the Cause of Christ, and God Has Another Plan are already among the favorites. It is weird that I missed on Holy Spirit by now. I mean I listened to the various recording of it a number of times but never actually got to play it on the piano in church. What a miss!