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Goodbye Until Tomorrow / I Could Never Rescue You

Музыка кино и TV/Бродвей

Для голоса и фортепиано (или гитары)

Ноты для печати • количество страниц: 9, ID: SM-000133648
Фортепиано, Голос, Классическая гитара
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comments MusicaNeo support team 30 сен 2014 13:37

Dear user, thank you for notifying us about the issue. We are sorry that you are dissatisfied with the score purchased at our platform. We have sent you an email. Please check your mailbox.

comments Eddie 24 сен 2014 20:55

This download only comes with "Goodbye until Tomorrow." It doesn't come with "I could never rescue you" like the page suggests. Very inconvenient, considering I already bought it and was only looking for that part.


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