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What a Day That Will Be

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“What a Day That Will Be” is a song by the American Gospel singer and composer Jim Hill. It was written in 1955 when Jim was still a new Christian. At the time, his step-mother fell seriously ill and suffered a debilitating stroke. That’s when Jim was asking God why it was all happening to him and dreamt about a day when everybody would be free from hardships. The words that fled his mind were promptly put down on a random piece of cardboard and the melody was born very fast. It was Jim’s mother-in-law who was the first one to hear the result. The song was publicly presented by the Golden Keys Quartet where Jim sang as tenor. Soon it was recorded by the Homeland Harmony Quartet and became one of the most widely-performed hymnals in Southern Gospel Music. In 2012, Jim Hill was included into Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame in Dollywood.
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comments Felix Gibson 29 мар 2019 09:02

Great score. All it takes to start playing this huge hymnal in less than a few hours if you have enough desire and motivation. Nothing in excess but the essentials. Thank you, very appreciated.

comments Miranda Adams 28 фев 2019 12:41

On my top 3 most inspiring hymnals of all time... There not so many compositions that most people can truly relate to but this is the one for me and has always been, especially after I lost my own mom. Music like this has the power to give us hope and strengths to move on in tough moments like that. I really enjoyed Jim Hill's live performances of this brilliant, sincere, pure composition - he will be missed so much!


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