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Etude No.33 for piano, MVWV 246

Классика/Этюд • 2004 • Альтернативное название: Lamento 14a

Etude No.33 for piano

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Продавец Maurice Verheul
PDF, 296.1 Кб ID: SM-000159872 Дата публикации: 20 мар 2012
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Maurice Verheul
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The whole idea behind the lamento’s is the repetition of note groups; sometimes in a sequins or sometimes in random order.

Why did I call the structure of these pieces “lamento”?
Lament translated from English into Latin is Queror it means “complain”. Lament means tear in Latin; lamento is a song; a Lamentation.
In my Idea is complaining the frequent expression of discontent; with other words repetition. The other idea is “tear” in the form of crying. The shape of a tear is the raindrop. All tears have the same form; I call this also a sequins. Put one and one together and you have the Lamento; sequins and repetition.

Every piece has its own idea; it’s one musical problem to solve; yes it looks like an etude when you look at it from this angle. Most of the pieces are counterpointical in form. The work s chromatically arranged but they are not composed in this order.

C 2 expanding dissonant chords and dotted rhythm etude MVWV 234
c 3 counterpoint with dissonant chords and dotted rhythm etude MVWV 235
Cis 16 a feather-light touch with direct articulation and motif cloud etude MVWV 249
cis 17 Anti-metrical, octave and 32 etude MVWV 251
Des 16 b Large chords and "jumping "hands etude MVWV 250
des Pedel etude MVWV 672
D 4 punctured contrapuntal rhythm and accents etude MVWV 236
d 7 counterpoint etude MVWV 239
Dis 18 b Accent etude MVWV 253
dis 21 a rhytmical counterpoint etude MVWV 258
Es 18 a Counterpoint etude MVWV 252
es 21 b Pseudo serail etude MVWV 259
E 6 Dissonant chords and complex "cloud" rhythm etude MVWV 238
e 11 Fourth and fifth finger etude MVWV 243
F 8 Counterpoint etude MVWV 240
f 1 Counterpoint etude MVWV 233
Fis 20 a feather-light touch with direct articulation accents etude MVWV 256
fis 15 Staccato, portato, counterpoint and cross hands etude MVWV 248
Ges 20 b 3/4 chord etude MVWV 257
ges Toneless etude MVWV 673
G 10 dissonant second and one measure rhythmical motif etude MVWV 242
g 5 hesitation etude MVWV 237
Gis 22 b Motif building etude MVWV 261
gis 19 a piano keystroke etude: feather-light touch MVWV 254
As 22 a Counterpoint and quarter etude MVWV 260
as 19 b Second chord and rhythmical counterpoint etude MVWV 255
A 12 Octave and anti-metrical rhythm etude MVWV 244
a 9 rhythmical fifth and sixth etude MVWV 241
Ais 24 b Motif building etude MVWV 265
ais 23 a Verzierung (mordent/praller) etude MVWV 262
Bes 24 a Mirror and rhythm etude MVWV 264
bes 23 b expanding second notes and chords etude MVWV 263
B 14 a Rhytem and staccato etude MVWV 246
b 13 counterpoint etude MVWV 245
Ces 14 b counterpoint etude MVWV 247
C repetitive left hand etude MVWV 266
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