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Dark Adagio

Классика/Современная • 1998

Dark Adagio

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Продавец Sonja Grossner
ZIP, 2.16 Мб ID: SM-000169584 Дата публикации: 16 авг 2012
Скрипка, Альт, Виолончель
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Партитура, Партии
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Sonja Grossner
Уровень сложности
"Dark Adagio" is a slow, and passionate piece. The chromatic half tone interval progress throughout the
composition, and soon develops into a 12 tone row. The character changes from dark, passionate to a more
determined and positive mood, before finally returning to the opening motive and fading away in the
Although the dark character of this composition is dominant, it should also convey a positive attitude.
Difficulties can be overcome. Determination and positive thoughts can triumph over the dark.
In order to convey this idea in music I have experimented with the half tone interval motive , and dissonant
(Birmingham Chamber Music Composition Prize)
String Quartet No 3 in one movement, "Dark Adagio", has won the Birmingham Chamber music prize, and
was given a performance of the composition on the 19th February 1999 by the Vellinger string quartet.
At the CCA 'BARN' event in Coventry, this String Quartet 'Dark Adagio' was also performed by Anna
Downe's Quartett 28th April. 2007.
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