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Song of pan

Классика/Соната • 2000 • Альтернативное название: sonata for flute and piano

Song of pan

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Продавец Sonja Grossner
ZIP, 1.12 Мб ID: SM-000172439 Дата публикации: 15 окт 2012
Фортепиано, Флейта
Тип нот
Партитура для двух исполнителей, Сольная партия
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Sonja Grossner
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'Song of Pan', for flute and piano.
This sonata for flute and piano, in three movements, is about the goat god Pan from Greek mythology.
1. 'The Mischief maker'
This first movement concerns Pan as a mischief maker, as a mischievous dweller in the woods.
He also came to be looked upon as the God of 'woodland jollity', of herds and flocks , of
fertility and of country life in general.
2. 'Song of Syrinx'
Syrinx is the nymph that fled from Pan and turned into a reed. Pan consoled himself at his loss by cutting reeds to make himself a musical instrument; Panpipes.
3. 'The Shepherds Diety'.
Pan was also a shepherds diety, the protector of flocks who made goats and ewes fertile.
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