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Cocktail Piano

Поп-музыка/Инструментальная • 2012

Cocktail Piano

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Продавец Nick Rossi
PDF, 242.0 Кб ID: SM-000175330 Дата публикации: 13 ноя 2012
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Nick Rossi
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Pull up a chair, grab a drink and relax. A fairly simple solo piano piece in a laid-back style, Cocktail Piano is in a genre also known as "lounge music", which is most associated with background music for classy bars or clubs.
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comments Annie Helman 26 июн 2014 18:10

... modern and classical harmonies.

comments Annie Helman 26 июн 2014 18:08

A gentle, pleasant piece. Too good for background music! Love the combination of

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