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Way to the Winter Garden

Классика/Современная • 2013

Way to the Winter Garden


Разместил(а) Nobuyoshi Tanaka
PDF, 543.6 Кб ID: SM-000181135 Дата публикации: 11 мар 2013
Фортепиано, Флейта
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Тип нот
Партитура для двух исполнителей
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For Flute and Piano.
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comments Anton Verschäupen 13 мар 2013 01:05

M. Tanaka is a post-modern genius who takes so many different influences, such as chinoiserie, jazz, neo-Romanticism, etc. to forge a powerful voice of his own. His humble nature belies his talent and skill. Being on the vanguard in such a polished way, his imagination employs the sensitivity of a master. The tonality of his work reminds one of whose appeal is consonant enough to draw a crowd, yet complex (theoretically) enough to remain just outside the grasp of full comprehension. His work is inspired; and this author urges all who like their ear to be challenged by new and creative sounds, to give a perusal of his work. Bis, M. Tanaka.

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