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Cygnus for Violin Solo

Классика/Современная • 2012

Cygnus for Violin Solo


Разместил(а) Nobuyoshi Tanaka
PDF, 229.1 Кб ID: SM-000181469 Дата публикации: 19 мар 2013
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This piece for violin solo was written in 2012/1/8.
This is a fantastic and improvised music.
December 2012, this song was premiered by the San Daniele Colombo in Italy.
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comments Udo Zörn 28 мар 2013 22:44

Minimalist and sensitive, the poetic quality of this masterpiece is profound: it bends the way one listens to music. Like Beethoven's Grosse Fuge before him, M. Tanaka has taken a polyphonic theme, and turned it into absolute, breath-taking magic. It reads like a toccata; but only in a modern framework. Bravo, M. Tanaka!

0:00 Cygnus for Violin Solo