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Stabat Mater (an extract) for Women's Voices

Духовная музыка/Христианская • 1990 • Автор текста: old sacred text

Stabat Mater (an extract) for Women's Voices

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Продавец Joan Yakkey
PDF, 638.8 Кб ID: SM-000188255 Дата публикации: 13 июл 2013
Фортепиано, Сопрано, Женский хор: Сопрано, Альт
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Солисты, Аккомпанирующее фортепиано, Хор
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Joan Yakkey
Joan Yakkey
Joan Yakkey
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This Stabat Mater score includes chosen sections set for women's voices in various formations, in a contemporary context. It can be performed as a whole, or in parts. A keyboard accompaniment is included to facilitate rehearsals. The sections include:

1. STABAT MATER DOLOROSA (The Mother full of pain stood weeping at the cross where her Son was hanging.) SSA

2. CUJUS ANIMAM (Her soul, weeping, compassionate and sorrowful was pierced by a sword.) SSA

3. O QUAM TRISTIS (O how sad and afflicted was she, the blessed Mother of this only Son.) SSAA

4. QUAE MOEREBAT ET DOLEBAT (The pious Mother mourned and grieved as she looked on the pains of her glorious son.) SSAA

5. QUIS EST HOMO - QUIS NON POSSET (What man would not weep seeing the Mother of Christ in such torment? Who could not share the grief contemplating Christ's Mother suffering with her son?) SMA+SMA

6. PRO PECCATIS SUAE GENTIS - VIDIT SUUM DULCEM NATUM ( For the sins of his people she saw Jesus in torment and whipped. She saw her dear son dying, forsaken, as He gave up the spirit.) SSAA

7. EJA MATER (O Mother, fount of love, make me feel the strength of your sorrow so that I may mourn with you.) SSAA with Soprano solo

8. FAC UT ARDEAT (Make my heart burn with love for Christ our Lord, that I may be pleasing to Him.) SSAA

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