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A Christmas Lullaby - SATB, B128

Классика/Хоровая музыка • 2003 • Автор текста: Colin Bayliss

A Christmas Lullaby - SATB

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Продавец Colin Bayliss
PDF, 288.4 Кб ID: SM-000188474 Дата публикации: 17 июл 2013
Смешанный хор: Сопрано, Альт, Тенор, Бас
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Colin Bayliss
Уровень сложности
Средний уровень
Время звучания
This piece was written in April 2003 for the Thornesian Prize Competition for a piece for SATB. The composer, who sung in many choirs in his teens and twenties, before damaging his vocal chords, at last felt that he should write something for choir. The music uses a modal tune for the word lullaby, and interweaves this with the opening phrase of the 15th century Coventry Carol. Changing modulations and a few words and phrases are used to suggest the atmosphere of the coming of the angels and the three kings.
It was first publicly performed by the Alteri Choir in St. Ann’s Church, Manchester on October 8th 2008.
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