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Suite in D for violin and horn, Op.72

Классика/Камерная музыка • 1992

Suite in D for violin and horn

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Продавец Richard Burdick
PDF, 0.99 Мб ID: SM-000195022 Дата публикации: 28 ноя 2013
Валторна, Скрипка
Состав исполнителей
Тип нот
Партитура для двух исполнителей, Партии
I Ching Music
Уровень сложности
Выше среднего
Время звучания
Written June 1992 (6-12-92 -- 7-9-92)

This Work was written during the composers first marriage, which was to violinist Jean MacRobbie. They often stayed at a bed & breakfast in Volcano, California, where they had a large barn-like room to enjoy playing duets.

Although this score originally was marked "hand horn", this is very impractical, for anyone to do a good job at these horn parts, it really must be done on a valve horn. The horn part is best in C basso as it was written.

This was written in an early dance suite form.

Movement 1: Introduction
Movement 2: Allemande
Movement 3 Courante
Movement 4: Minuette
Movement 5: Gigue
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0:00 Suite in D for violin and horn