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Duet No.2 for two horns (1988 rev. 2007), Op.50

Классика/Камерная музыка • 1988

Duet No.2 for two horns (1988 rev. 2007)


Разместил(а) Richard Burdick
PDF, 2.49 Мб ID: SM-000196208 Дата публикации: 22 дек 2013
Состав исполнителей
Тип нот
Партитура для двух исполнителей, Партии
I Ching Music
Уровень сложности
Выше среднего
Время звучания
Written in 1988, revised several time, with the last being May 20th 2007

This work was originally written for two hand horns. This use of E & Ab natural horns was quite inspiration in how the piece and the two horns fit together. It is hard enough on valves horn, so I have updated this work to be for the modern valve horn only.

This is being offered for free download. Please report any performances of the work. It free to perform if there is no admission charged. If there is an admission charge, royalties must be paid to ASCAP
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0:00 Duet No.2 for two horns (1988 rev. 2007)