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Lost World. Piano Sonata

Классика/Современная • 2005

Lost World. Piano Sonata

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Продавец Sonja Grossner
PDF, 1.12 Мб ID: SM-000199841 Дата публикации: 05 мар 2014
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Sonja Grossner
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This piano sonata, like 'Legacy' uses traditional forms and elements, although
this one is different and creates a more serious and restless character.
The first movement is not written in the traditional sonata form, but has four
sections. Each part developing further away from the beginning theme to
create a constant atmosphere of searching for something. Each part is an
independent development section as used in the original sonata form. The end
is a surprise and expresses the unsuccessful completed search.
The second slow movement uses elements of a fugue as a reminder of past
The final movement is in traditional rondo form, and in spite of the more
serious atmosphere of the other movements creates a happy and positive end.
Art today is developing in so many different directions, for example,
avant-garde, minimalism etc. Classic music is not as in demand, cuts in
education service nearly preventing a successful future for art. My own
somewhat negative thoughts at this time are expressed in this piano sonata.
But I have not allowed this more serious nature to dominate as I have given
this piano sonata a positive final ending.
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