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The Passion According To St. Mark

Духовная музыка/Поклонение • Автор текста: old sacred text

The Passion According To St. Mark

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Продавец Malcolm Kogut
PDF, 1.06 Мб ID: SM-000206029 Дата публикации: 17 май 2014
Орган, Смешанный хор
Тип нот
Malcolm Kogut
The PASSION ACCORDING TO ST. MARK is a full lenght cantata based upon the Passion of Jesus according to Mark. It is written for four part choir, organ and there are a multitude of opportunities for solos.

Because of the repetitious nature of the work, it is an easy learn for most choirs. For the creative parish, this work can either be performed as the Passion reading, as a choral concert work or with actors in a staged production. With this purchase, you may make as many copies as you like.

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