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Inflatos lucem, Stabat mater in memory of the victims of the fatal flight of Malaysia Airlines MH17, MVWV 796

Классика • 2014 • Автор текста: Keith Barnard

Inflatos lucem, Stabat mater in memory of the victims of the fatal flight of Malaysia Airlines MH17

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Продавец Maurice Verheul
PDF, 670.1 Кб ID: SM-000209990 Дата публикации: 20 авг 2014
Фортепиано, Орган, Сопрано, Контральто, Смешанный хор, Большой барабан, Дунгчен, Конх, Кулинтанг, Агунг
Состав исполнителей
Соло, Гамелан, Ансамбль духовых инструментов
Тип нот
Партитура, Партии
Maurice Verheul
Уровень сложности
Время звучания
This work is composed in memory of the victims of the fatel flight of Malaysia Airlines MH17

This work is for 16 Voices, Solo voices, Asian instruments, 2 Bass drums Piano and Organ.

I have permision to use a wunderful poem of Keith Barnard; Thank you Keith!

This work has 298 measures for every victim there is one measure of memory and morn!

I used Azian instruments in memory of the crew.

The Dungchen 2,The horns Tibetan monks use for their ceremonies.

The Conc or Conque 2, A wind instrument that is made from a seashell, the shell of one of several different kinds of very large sea snail. These instruments are sometimes referred to as "shell trumpets".

The Kulintang, Is a modern term for an ancient instrumental form of music composed on a row of small, horizontally-laid gongs that function melodically, accompanied by larger, suspended gongs and drums.

The Agung,is a set of two wide-rimmed, vertically suspended gongs used by the Maguindanao, Maranao, Sama-Bajau and Tausug people of the Philippines as a supportive instrument in kulintang ensembles

This work must start en end with 1 minute of silence
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