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Divertissement for viols

Классика/Пьеса • 1935

Divertissement for viols

Название пользователя: Germaine Tailleferre - Divertissement for viols

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Продавец Musik Fabrik
PDF, 316.3 Кб ID: SM-000213275 Дата публикации: 27 окт 2014
Виола д'амур, Виола да гамба, Квинтон, Басовая виола
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Musik Fabrik
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In 1935, Germaine Tailleferre was asked to write the stage music for Jean Sarment's play "Madame Quinze"
which was produced by the Comédie Française. The play was about Madame de Pompadour and Louis XV and
also featured the Société de la Musique Ancienne (Henri Casadesus playing the viola d'amour, Marius Casadesus
on the quinton, Régina Patorni-Casadesus playing the harpsichord, Lucette Casadesus at the viola de gamba,
Maurice Devilliers at the bass viol). The production was reprised by the Comédie Française in 1950, this time at
the Odéon theatre and Tailleferre revised her score at that time.
This short piece for four viols in present in the 1935 manuscript at the Paris Opera Library. It was also performed
during the 1950 reprise, according to materials located at the Library of the Comédie Française.
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