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Hello Little Girl (from 'Into the Woods - Film Version')

Музыка кино и TV/Бродвей

Для голоса и фортепиано

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Фортепиано, Голос
Музыка кино и TV/Мюзикл
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comments Helen Crood 10 ноя 2016 12:28

Nice. It's a very decent arrangement of Sondheim's Hello Little Girl. I mean it's not easy (his music never is) but it's beautifully arranged and made slightly less complicated for pianists at least. However, that's still intended for advanced musicians and vocalists, apparently. The song is full of character, humour and all those little charming peculiarities attributable to the fantastic musical Into the Woods. It's great and it's totally worth getting for practice, just like any piece of music from the musical.