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Thoughts & Memories

Классика/Инструментальная • 2008

Thoughts & Memories

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Продавец The Phlod-Nar
PDF, 218.5 Кб ID: SM-000220016 Дата публикации: 22 янв 2015
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The Phlod-Nar
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Track 7 from the Works for Piano album (2012) by Randolf Smeets.

"The hypnotic circling eighth notes in “Thoughts & Memories” create easy access to get lost in one’s own mind. Again, Smeets’ unhurried, considerate tempo seamlessly flows from the twirling eighths to a back and forth dialogue between two notes in the left hand and grace note chords in the right. The ending however is a big gaping hole of an unresolved chord." - Kelly O'Neil (5 out of 5 stars)

Note from the composer: Thoughts & Memories uses repetitions and slight variations to create a certain mood. It probably was an attempt to write more structured piano compositions and using a certain color palette. Maybe a more thoughtful composition… it can easily drift away… let your thoughts drift away. That’s why I think the title is well-suited . Although the repetitions may sound too much, I like the feeling of this piece. Especially the last 1,5 minutes, where the 2-note variations of the right hand is beautifully supported by the underlying chords.
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