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Endless Road

Классика/Пьеса • 2009

Endless Road

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Продавец Dirk Ettelt
PDF, 258.1 Кб ID: SM-000225870 Дата публикации: 10 май 2015
Фортепиано, Клавишный инструмент
Состав исполнителей
Тип нот
Для одного исполнителя
Си-бемоль мажор
Dirk Ettelt
Уровень сложности
Средний уровень
Время звучания
"Endless Road" is one of my original compositions for solo piano. When you hear this piece, just imagine yourself traveling on a very long road you would never want to leave again. That's the experience and feeling I want to share with this composition.

Initally, I composed this song in December/January '08/'09 and named it "New Years Theme". However, this was prior to a period of many changes in my life, and I finally decided to change the title into "Endless Road", once I finished writing it down.
Actually, I didn't write any sheet music for this song until I realized how much it meant to me. It was hard work for me transcribing sheet music from my very first recording (part of my album "Outside" from 2009, which is available in the iTunes Store), but I managed to finish it somehow. So here it is.

"Endless Road" is written for solo piano in B flat major, with low-to-medium difficulty level. It perfectly fits for piano background music (e.g. during marriages) and just for relaxation. Have fun playing and hearing this piece!
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comments Dieter Angerer 22 июл 2017 19:06

Ein Stück mit Tiefe und teilw. dramatischen Momenten. Sehr interessant. Gratuliere!

comments Frank Paapa Baidoo 10 дек 2016 14:34

Nice piece....

0:00 Endless Road