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Italian Christmas Carols Collection 2015

Этномузыка/Итальянская • 2015 • Автор текста: folklore, old sacred text, Unknown (works before 1850) • Альтернативное название: Canti Natalizi Italiani, Raccolta 2015

Italian Christmas Carols Collection 2015

Название пользователя: Christmas Carols of italy: Collection 2015

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Разместил(а) Joan Yakkey
PDF, 1.81 Мб ID: SM-000231038 Дата публикации: 24 авг 2015
Детский голос, Женский хор, Мужской хор, Детский хор, Голос, На выбор исполнителя: Любой инструмент, Инструмент в скрипичном ключе
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Joan Yakkey
Joan Yakkey
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This is a collection with approximately 70 Italian melodies (30 pages of music) with lyrics for use during Christmas. Both Schools and Choral Ensembles can perform these songs. Many lend themselves to various types of arrangements, polyphonic or accompanied soloist, even a cappella singer. The preview file contains the contents, I may be updating the file as time goes on.

Songs are from many parts of Italy. They are Sacred Early Canticles, Folksongs and Children's Rhymes. The songs are from the 13th - 19th century, many have several stanzas. All can be performed in any key, with any or no accompaniment.

I have collected these songs from various libraries in Tuscany over the years and often use them with my Italian students.
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