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Benedictus qui venit - SA

Классика • 2015 • Автор текста: old sacred text • Альтернативное название: Blessed be he who cometh - SA - G. Palestrina

Benedictus qui venit - SA

Название пользователя: Benedictus qui venit - SA - G. Palestrina

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Продавец Joan Yakkey
PDF, 249.8 Кб ID: SM-000231483 Дата публикации: 04 сен 2015
Фортепиано, Орган, Клавишный инструмент, Женский хор: Сопрано, Альт; Детский хор: Сопрано, Альт
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Аккомпанирующее фортепиано, Хор
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Партитура, Вокальная партитура
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Joan Yakkey
Joan Yakkey
Английский, Латинский
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This lovely music (Blessed be he who cometh in the name of the Lord) would remain totally unknown, especially to young singers who do not habitually listen to Renaissance music, if someone like myself didn't enter the Palestrina Opera Omnia - his full works - and arrange even small portions of these Renaissance masterpieces for contemporary choral groups of children or female voices throughout the world. This two part anthem (or motet) for choral ensemble with keyboard accompaniment is an arrangement from a three part section of Palestrina's Mass, Missa "Spem in Alium". The arrangement is designed to present an easy approach to 16th c. polyphonic works, with organ or piano accompaniment facilitating the learning of the work, and making the presentation appealing to a church congregation or the audience of a concert venue. It can be used in many moments.
The pdf includes both the vocal-keyboard score and the vocal pages. The text is in both Latin and English, to choose from.
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