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That Crazy Saxy Thing

Джаз • 2015

That Crazy Saxy Thing

7.99 USD

Продавец Joseph Hasper
PDF, 1.56 Мб ID: SM-000234862 Дата публикации: 21 ноя 2015
Саксофон альт, Саксофон тенор, Саксофон баритон, Ударная установка
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Тип нот
Партитура, Партии
Joseph Hasper
Уровень сложности
Выше среднего
Время звучания
This up-tempo swing piece is all about the saxes. Scored for two altos, two tenors, and bari sax with (optional drum kit) this one shows what mayhem a tight sax section can make. First alto ranges to high G (one note), bari can be played on standard instruments (low note to Bb). The optional drum kit provides a nice counterpoint to the saxes with several opportunities to shine, including an optional eight bar solo to lead into the piece.

All parts and a full score are provided.
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