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They Who Decide Fate (clarinet quartet with chamber orchestra)

Классика/Современная • 2015

They Who Decide Fate (clarinet quartet with chamber orchestra)

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Продавец Brandon Nelson
PDF, 1.35 Мб ID: SM-000239877 Дата публикации: 16 фев 2016
Кларнет, Фагот, Бассетгорн, Валторна, Скрипка, Альт, Виолончель, Контрабас, Бас-кларнет, Барабанные палочки, Контральт кларнет, Ударные
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Квартет, Камерный оркестр
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Партитура, Партии
Brandon Nelson
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Imagine the terrifying prospect of having your fate—indeed, the fate of the entire universe—decided by the fickle whims of seven gods! This was life for all those who dwelled in the ancient society of Sumeria!

They Who Decide Fate paints the picture of what living with these gods might have been like for those pitiable mortals.

The introduction builds to the dreadful “fate” theme, which is woven within the rest of the piece.

In the first episode, the Eb clarinet is highlighted depicting Enki, the magical, clever Lord of the Earth. Crafty and mischievous, one would not cross this god, so mighty he was said to have created the Tigris and Euphrates rivers between which the entire Sumerian world existed!

The full orchestra comes roaring back to represent Shamash, the Lion of Justice. Bringing wrongdoers their just due, he could also be merciful, curing the faithful sick who plead for his mercy.

The second episode is gently ushered in by the Basset horn. Featured here is Ninhursag, the mild, nurturing Mother Goddess. It was said that any couple who desired to be fertile would do well to propitiate themselves to her…

An explosive, percussive jolt fanfares in Inanna, wild, untamed Goddess of Primal Passions! Whether in war or in lust, Inanna stood for all things raw—and ultimately destructive!

The low, rumbling voice of the contralto clarinet brings us Anu, Father of the Gods. Ancient and wise, Anu is the manifestation of the heavenly vault.

Nanna, the moon god riding on the back of a bull, illuminated the night sky. Sparkling and light colors of the orchestra depict his deft, spry nocturnal motions.

The sinuous lines of the Bb clarinet illustrate Enlil, fickle God of Wind and Weather. It is said that it was he who created humans, but lost interest in them and flooded the whole earth.

The whole clarinet quartet reprises the “fate” theme one last time, ending in an exultant flurry, reflecting both the fear and ecstasy that these seven gods inspired in their mortal charges.
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