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Mantra II for tenor saxophone and piano

Классика/Современная • 2001

Mantra II for tenor saxophone and piano

7.80 USD

Продавец Hans Bakker
PDF, 2.36 Мб ID: SM-000246577 Дата публикации: 28 апр 2016
Фортепиано, Саксофон тенор
Состав исполнителей
Соло, Аккомпанирующее фортепиано
Тип нот
Партитура для двух исполнителей, Сольная партия
До минор
Hans Bakker
Уровень сложности
Время звучания
2nd track of enhanced CD The Unnamed Source. ( see Gallery )
A mantra is a sacred formula used to tune the soul like an instrument. It focuses not only on a word's meaning, but also on the forms and sounds of the word. Inspiration for the three Mantras came from "Funken" ("Sparks"), a collection of short mantra-like German texts by the Swiss writer and painter Joseph Anton Schneiderfranken (Bô Yin Râ). My intention was to transfer the essence of three of those texts into music.
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comments Hans Bakker 06 ноя 2021 16:57

Here you can listen to the CD: https://www.navonarecords.com/catalog/nv5832/#listen And on YouTube: https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=JTfpWjmrDhw&feature=share

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