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Hanbury Sketch book for organ solo

Классика • 2000

Hanbury Sketch book for organ solo

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Продавец Sonja Grossner
PDF, 2.01 Мб ID: SM-000248652 Дата публикации: 22 май 2016
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Sonja Grossner
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'A Hanbury Sketch Book.'
When Duncan suggested that I could write a piece for the Hanbury organ I was thrilled with this idea. The inspiration can after a visit to this church spent turning the pages whilst Duncan played the inspiring and grand work, " The Messiah" From Handel. This close encounter with the organ resulted in this sketch book. In this sketch book I have tried to reflect the wonderful scenic surrounding , the picturesque scene of the church up upon the hill, the grand architecture of this building, the spiritual atmosphere of this church and the wonderful coloured windows. The organ is such a large instrument, and so different from any other instrument I have written for. This was the first time I have been given the opportunity to write for the organ, and I would like to thank Duncan and the people from Hanbury for allowing me to do this.
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