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Forest Gentle Menuet

Классика/Симфоническая • 2016

Forest Gentle Menuet

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Продавец Gintaras Kavarskas
PDF, 1.89 Мб ID: SM-000252145 Дата публикации: 01 авг 2016
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Gintaras Kavarskas
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Forest Gentle Menuet is a contemporary classical music which is not only soft and sweet, but also energetic. The menuet has two repetitive in a very different ways parts and the third part is a broad concluding part. Each part starts melodiously – soft and sweet – and continues rhythmically. The music is harmonious. The loudness is often varied and goes from forte to soft piano; after forte or a moderately loud music, the music goes immediately soft. The second and the third parts are broad; what else distinguish the third part is that this is very soft in several places. So, the classical music is melodious and energetic.

Forest Gentle Menuet is an absolutely amazing music and words can be added if you wish and what ones you like. The harmony of the Forest Gentle Menuet is very interesting. Forest Gentle Menuet is developing melodiously. This is advanced level music. The photograph is as if illustrating the idea of the music. Musician and composer Gintaras Kavarskas
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