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Bear Valley Fanfare I for Trumpet and Horn, Op.116

Классика/Музыка для театра • 1998

Bear Valley Fanfare I for Trumpet and Horn

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Продавец Richard Burdick
PDF, 6.26 Мб ID: SM-000256214 Дата публикации: 23 сен 2016
Валторна, Труба
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I Ching Music
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This is part of my Bear Valley Fanfares. I was writing a fanfare for each concert for a number of years From around 1994-1998. These fanfares were played near the end of the intermission to call the audience back to the performance tent at the Bear Valley Music Festival. Somewhere I have the stack of these, that I hope to find and publish with this opus number. The fanfares ended when I wrote one using a 12-tone-row. Michael Bayard went around broadcasting the 12-tone-row fanfare and the somehow ended the fanfares.
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